Delivery Service

Our specialised delivery vehicles can bring our product to you.

We have small tipping trucks which can carry up to 4 tonnes  of soil, sand, gravel, sleepers etc. Or up to 10 cubic metres of mulch. This truck can fit almost anywhere your car can. 

Our experienced drivers often drive through carports to tip into customers' back yards. (2.1 metre clearance height required)

Our medium size truck is a tipper designed especially to get a larger load down most suburban driveways. THis truck can carry nearly 6 tonnes and up to 10 cubic meters of mulch. 

A cubic meter of soil weighs between 800 and 1600kg (1 tonne).

For larger loads we have a truck and dogs carry up to 13 tonnes or 26 tonnes combination. 

If you only require a few bags or logs or sleepers etc. We can drop these off when we are next going past - for reduced delivery fee.

We also have courtesy trailers available

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