Sandstone Products

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock and its natural colour and texture is full of charm and ages beautifully.

If you want to create a softer looking, warmer outdoor space – or to create a heritage look – sandstone is an excellent choice. Its coarse grain makes it the perfect compliment to a native garden or site containing bush rock or even the very formal garden. Sandstone comes in ranges of densities and colours from white to yellow to grey to a reddish-brown. 

Sandstone is ideal for paving, steps, retaining walls, dry rock walls, water features, decorative columns, garden edging and fencing. The DIY handyman can easily shape the stone to suit by delicately chipping with a chisel and hammer.

We support the local Helidon sandstone industry with our range of sandstone products. Our range includes select sandstone (B Grade block style), random sandstone (irregular shapes) and tumble stone (rounded, smooth pebbles). We do stock large sandstone boulders (A Grade cut blocks) quotes can be obtained for direct delivery of the product.

Random Sandstone Boulder:
Random sandstone is a cost effective alternative for budget landscaping and it achieves a wonderfully natural rustic appearance. It is random is size, colour and shape and is ideal where uniformity is not required and a casual atmosphere is essential. 

Our range of random sandstone includes footballs, one footers, two footers, three footers and boulders where there name reflects their approximate size. These stones can either be lifted by one person or rolled into position by two people, or we can place with machinery.

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