Weed Control

Highfields Landscape Supplies also ofer a great range of weed protecting products for domestic and Commercial use.

Weed Mat

Weed mat is a woven plastic that can be used as a base on the garden and topped with an attractive mulch.  This will assist in stopping weeds and lengthen the life of the mulch. However, it does restrict the amount of air and water that can pass through to the soil. It has a life of approximately four to five years. Weed mat is ideal for use under pebbles for garden paths.

Mulch Mat

Mulch mat is far kinder on the soil than weed mat. In comparison, it allows for additional water and air penetration which is essential for the growth of plants. Mulch mat will assist in stopping weeds and lengthen the life of the mulch and has an approximate life of two years.


Bidim is the premium ‘weed mat’. It allows air and water to pass freely through to the soil and has a significantly longer life than either weed mat or mulch mat. Bidim is a very versatile product as it can be used not only as a weed mat but also in many situations as a medium between soil and other products eg. under sand in a sandpit, or between soil and drainage aggregate behind retaining walls or around drainage pipe.

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