Sand Supplies Highfields

Brickies Loam

A fine washed river sand with a higher clay content. 

Good for making a sticky mix of grout or mortar. The clay content gives it a stiffer constitution which helps it hold form for rendering.

Washed Course Sand

A sub 5 mm washed yellow river sand.

  Used for bedding Sand under pavers, mix with cement for concreting, grouting and mortaring. Can be used for topdressing areas but has little nutritional value for the soil or grass. Can mix it with heavy clay soils to help open the structure of the soil.

Sand & Gravel

A blend of 10mm blue metal and sand mixed at 2 parts Sand: 2 Parts Blue metal.

Uses: Premixed Sand and Gravel saves you needing to mix your own sand and gravel, just add Cement. The 10mm gravel blend is a good compromise for concreting; it is still coarse enough for basic foundations slabs and can be easily troweled for a fine finish.

White Sand (Sand Pit Sand)

A very fine washed white sand, similar to Stradbroke White Sand.

Uses:   Great for pristine sandpits, although it will need to be kept covered to avoid the product blowing away.  Also used for a white mortar in bricklaying or where a white concrete is needed.

Bedding Sand

Screened river sand that has many applications and is particularly suitable as a filler or bedding sand around pipes and under concrete slabs. An economical sand with good compaction properties.

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