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Mulching Products Highfields

Medium Bark

Bark particle size approx 25-50mm red/tan colour, visually appealing on indoor or outdoor gardens, large or small - easy to spread on gardens.

Hoop Bark

Attractive fibrous bark mulch, curley light tan in colour.  Excellent for mulching slopes and windy areas with great water retention properties.  Easy to apply.

Forest Mulch

This coarse unscreened mulch which consists of both bark and green plant material provides the soil with both a carbon and nitrogen combination that will increase the availability of nutrients to plants during its decomposition. This product is subject to variation in its content. Similar to the melaleuca mulch, this mulch is subjected to a strict pasteurization process to help eliminate pathogens and weed seed. Another reason for pasteurization is to eliminate most of the water content within the leaf matter. This therefore ensuring the customer’s volume of product does not dramatically decrease after purchase. (Fresh forest mulch can reduce in volume by as much as 40% within it first three months).

Forest Fine

50/150 pebble are tumbled until the rough edges become rounded and smooth and the stone takes on a wonderful river stone appearance. The size of the pebbles are 50-150 mm. Tumble stone can be used in and around water and garden features to create that extra natural element.

1 Inch Bark

Oversized Stones are a mixture of stones at a variation of sizes with many different decorative applications.

Sugar Cane Mulch

Straw can be the source of grass and weed seeds or grain seeds. However sugar cane is harvested from the top of the plant thereby eliminating any grass or weed seed problems. It is excellent for maintaining moisture within the soil, very easy to spread and is usually the cheapest mulch. It is ideal for the vegetable garden and can be used to protect vegetables from soil borne diseases.

Tea Tree Mulch

Qld Gold is a mix of sandstone pebbles, ranging in size from 20mm to 40mm. This stone is not tumbled having rough edges but still very attractive. Qld Gold can be used in and around water and garden features to create that extra natural element.

Wood Chips

Medium sized woodchip from the Cypress Pine tree that is suited to non-sloping garden beds. It is reported to deter white ants / termites from your garden. Woodchip needs to be applied at the same depth as bark, however it is not as effective a mulch. Ideally a high nitrogen fertiliser such as cow manure or blood and bone or a slow release fertiliser should be applied to the soil before spreading the woodchip to overcome any nitrogen tie-up on its decomposition.

Aussie Red Wood Chip

A natural orange and cream coloured stone from the Helidon district which is very popular as decorative mulch or in garden pathways. This pebble is a crushed stone however due to its ‘softer’ sedimentary make up it is not as sharp as most crushed stones.

Soft Fall

A finely screened slash pine bark that is accredited for and used by Councils and schools in playgrounds. It is ideal for mulching small gardens, heavily planted areas, pot plants and indoor settings.

Soil Life

Ask us about our new "Soil Life". Soil that has been enriched with “Soilife” soil Builder will:

  • Build sustained soil fertility for the growth of healthier, more nutrient-dense plants & food Potentially increase crop yield & sustainability to reduce input costs over time
  • Heighten plant immunity to pests & disease through competitive exclusion, minimising need for chemical additives
  • Safely process residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides Retain more moisture and recover rapidly from trauma caused by wheel & foot traffic or cultivation
  • Break up soil hardpan, to provide easier passage for earthworms, oxygen and plant roots
  • Facilitate the storage of carbon (thus potentially offsetting emissions)
  • Minimise soil acidity, salinity, mineral toxicity, compaction and erosion
  • Reduce toxic emissions such as N2O, CO2, CH4 Better insulate roots from temperature extremes
  • Restore native vegetation
  • Encourage healthy home/urban gardening

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