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Highfields Landscape Supplies really are your one stop landscape supply shop.  So that mean we supply and stock a range of cements. And they are the following:

GP Cement

An Australian Standard cement powder suitable for general concrete and mortar applications.

Recommended mixing ratios are on the bags but a generally a mix of 3 Sand : 2 Gravel : 1 Cement.

Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix is a blend of Cement Aggregate and Sand, designed for use in projects where a quality concrete is required. Ideal for garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations footings posts and uprights for pergolas and decks.

 Great for small jobs.

 Two 20kg bags cover a 450mm by 500mm slab at 75mm thickness.

Rapid Set

Rapid Set Concrete is manufactured using Cement, Sand and Aggregates and is formulated to harden rapidly without mixing. This product is highly suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and many other non-structural uses.

 Rapid Set Concrete hardens in 15minutes, no mixing is required just add clean water.

Approximately Two 20kg bags per hole.

Gap Sand

Quick and easy to use, Gap sand is a special blend of graded fine sands and additives designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving.

 Gap sand forms a workable yet stable joint between pavers. It inhibits weeds and insect infestation and minimises paver distortion. 

1 bag will cover approximately 3.5square meters of bricks at 3mm gap.

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime is ideal for enhancing bond strength and workability in cement mortars. It can also be used for water treatment and sanitising, as well as raising the ph of a soil. 

Post Crete

Post Crete is a proportioned blend of cement, sand and aggregate, ideally suited for stabilising non-structural posts including fence posts, letterboxes and clothes lines. 

Post Crete has a coarser aggregate and is not suited for a smooth finish.

Approximately Two 20kg bags per hole.

Mortar Mix

Mortar Mix is a carefully selected and proportioned blend of graded sand, Cement and Hydrated Lime. Mortar mix is suitable for the laying of bricks, masonry blocks and stonework. In addition Mortar mix is suitable for general purpose mortar applications.

 Mortar Mix has excellent workability.

One 20kg bag will cover approximately 20 house bricks or 10 masonry blocks with 10mm mortar joints.

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